Subject: Re: machine rebooting
To: Harry W. Waddell <>
From: Dustin Sallings <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/23/1999 18:31:46
> On Tue, 23 Feb 1999, Kevin M. Lahey wrote:
> > I'm still not *totally* convinced that it isn't hardware;  these are
> > moderately funky SuperMicro Pentium Pro motherboards with I2O and 256MB 
> > of RAM.  I'll try to reproduce this on some other hardware.
> > 
> > Just another "Me, too",
> Yet another "me too". Using ab and apache, using localhost w/o keepalives,
> 10000 transfers with 10 clients, my ASUS Super socket 7 board spontaneously
> reboots as well. The only clue that impending doom was about to occur is
> the occasional "out of socket buffers" message that ab returns when it
> fails. If I then restart the ab, it reboots, bypassing ddb. netstat -m has
> not shown anything out of the ordinary. I haven't filed a bug report yet
> because I've been hoping that you[kml] or I might find something more
> concrete to report. 
> In short, I don't think that it's hardware.

	I considered hardware, but if other people are seeing it on different
hardware, I don't believe that's what it is.  Anyone who wants to test this can
grab a copy of websplat from and try it
out.  If it doesn't work, modify sockets.c to not disable the nagle algorithm
(I'm going to make this a runtime option, just haven't yet).  I did not disable
the nagle algorithm when I was doing my tests.

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