Subject: Re: wscons & xfree
To: Jukka Marin <>
From: Patrick Welche <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/23/1999 14:02:24
Jukka Marin wrote:
> I'm using wscons and XFree on i386 (the January snapshot).
> 1. How do I define Alt-Key combinations in the wscons keymap?  I'm trying
>    to add support for Finnish keyboards in wscons, but I didn't find an
>    example of handling the Alt key combinations.

eg. {|} in the French keyboard map in src/sys/dev/pckbc/wskbdmap_mfii.c
Incidentally I tried a French keyboard last night, but found I needed to
press shift as well as altgr to get {|}, yet the code shows it shouldn't be

> 2. How do I get the same keymap in XFree?  Currently, XFree is using the
>    "default" US keymap although wscons has my very preliminary Finnish
>    keymap.

Pass.. Didn't get that far due to dodgy mouse..