Subject: Re: Community Issues ** LONG **
To: Dave McGuire <>
From: Wojtek <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/21/1999 22:13:40
> >> if FreeBSD were to have divested to multiple platforms as NetBSD has done,
> >> NetBSD would no longer exist.  We need to focus on what might appeal not
> >> so much _in place of_ <X>, but _adjunct to_ <X>, where <X> would be
> >Do you really want to be Most Popular, or to be very good?
> >With today's users knowlege and habits it's probably impossible.
>   Problem is, the issue isn't "most popular"'s "popular at all".  If we
> don't become more visible, more user-friendly (though we've been making good
> progress with that) and more...well, "attractive" to users, this project will
> be reduced to a historical curiosity with a pack of raving mad followers.
>   Linux is taking over.  Read the newspapers.  It's kicking the crap out of NT
> in the server world in terms of reliability, usability, productivity, and
> market growth.  However, I don't think many people *here* would put Linux in
> the computer room...I like linux a LOT and I know I sure wouldn't.  But other
But Linux is doing job for us.
People will choose Linux instead of NT and other <beep>, because it's
better. It wouldn't force people to change their habit's as much as for
eg. NetBSD. But when most of them will use Linux, nobody
will be talking "Linux is better than NT", but
"Linux isn't the only one and the best". 
Things like "RedHat Linux" etc., which i personally hate because
of "easy user interface" etc. will make people do the first step.
The second can be NetBSD.

Another thing that lot of people cannot understand is that free software
is as good (or better) that non-free. I know someone who purchased
"original" RedHat Linux, spending about 400 PLN (about 110$) for it, and
he thinks it's better that "free Linux". But he will understand it (i

PS. Sorry for my English.