Subject: Re: sysinst, two more notes
To: Manuel Bouyer <>
From: Robert V. Baron <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/17/1999 10:25:57
Manuel Bouyer <> writes:

> On Feb 16, Robert V. Baron wrote
> > Actually, if we find that there is only one BIOS partition on the
> > machine that takes up the whole disk, it would make sense to install
> > the NetBSD mbr code whether there is an existing one there or not.
> > Of course, a radio button display would work too.
> NO ! Even if I only have one BSD partition on this disk, I still may
> want OS-BS to boot from the second disk. And I may have installed
> OS-BS before.
Yes, yes.  Modify the suggestion so that if you use the whole disk
and that is the only disk on your system then ...

I think the issue here is making the whole installation work for the
naive user.  Those of us that do strange things, boot alternate disks
with os-bs, etc are likely to be smart enough to anticipate and deal
with the problem that arise.  I remember in early 1.3 sysint always
first starting the installation with a 1.2 install floppy so I could
get the disklabel right.  Tedious, but ...