Subject: ypserv problem: svc_run returns
To: None <>
From: Charles P. Kane <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/16/1999 15:16:44

I am running NetBSD-1.3I/i386 (from early January) with ypserv.
ypserv occasionally exits, with this message:

	svc_run returned

Typically ypserv has been running for three to seven days before
this happens.

svc_run should return only when there is a problem with select(),
and there should be a message "svc_run: - select failed", but I
do not see this message on the screen or in dmesg or in the
messages file.

Has anyone seens this before:

Can anyone suggest how I might go about debugging this problem?

Is there any way to run ypserv in the foreground so that I can
automatically restart it when it dies?

-- Chuck