Subject: Re: Who's going to IETF? (Scratch former location comments)
To: Paul Newhouse <>
From: Rob Healey <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/16/1999 11:22:09
> Dumb me.  Green Mill Pizza!  They have one in St. Louis Park.  The 
> orignal is on Grand Ave and Dale (I think, can't remember for sure).
> It's not within walking distance but, they have SUPERB dieep dish, 
> some are definately veggie.  They are (well they used to be) really, 
> really good.
> Again a car is a necessity from downtown Mpls. It's on the St. Paul
> side of the river.
> Exactly where is the IETF being held?
	EXACT address is 1001 Marquette Ave S.; right chain (Hilton), wrong
	location so I have to correct my previous statements:

	1: Parking sucks so bad it blows.
	2: It's nowhere near the Mall of America.
	3: Bus service is pretty decent.
	4: There is a skyway system that is within close reach and should
	   get people to interesting places.
	5: Did I mention parking sucks? I guess I might not be able to make
	   a night social event, downtown is crowded with nightlife. B^(.

	With the above address you should be able to use mapquest and such
	to plot things out. You can use to look up
	fine eaterys and such. I think there is a Green Mill downtown but
	I like the one on Rudolph(sp)? in St. Paul best too; better atmosphere
	than the newer Green Mill locations.