Subject: Re: Who's going to IETF?
To: None <>
From: Paul Newhouse <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/13/1999 17:32:20
"Michael C. Richardson" <> writes:

>>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Newhouse <> writes:
>    Paul> Ted Lemon <> writes:
>    >> Oh god, don't tell me Minneapolis is going to be another of those
>    >> towns where we have to go hunting for a vegetarian steak house...  I
>    >> still have painful memories of Dallas.
>    Paul> Actually Lindey's has a vegetarian option and it's mighty good as I
>    Paul> recall.
>    Paul> Take Snelling north from University to County Rd E.  Turn left
>    Paul> (west) go about 1/4 mile to Snelling (I know, you thought you were
>    Paul> on Snelling *8) It's the place on the right at the corner.
>  Okay, but is it reacable by food. 1/4 mile is walking distance, unless 
>it is an interstate...

Guessing you mean "by foot" I'd guess no.  The IETF is probably being held near
the Supercomputer center in downtown.  Lindey's is at least 10 miles if not 15.
Take hwy 36 to Snelling head north (the 4 lane Snelling wiggles around a bit and
without much warning becomes Hamline.  If you notice the Snelling turn off you can
take it or (it's faster) stay on the 4 lane untill you get to County E.  Take the 
H exit and turn left on E.  Then it's a quarter mile.  I don't know if the RTD goes 
out that far.  If it does you want to go to Flarhety's or McQuires (Hamline & 
Cty E).  It's about 15 or 20 minutes from downtown Mpls by car on the "limited 
access" highways.  Walking is probably not a feasible option.  Lindey's is, in
my opinion, the premier Steak & Potatoes joint in the Twin Cities.  Yes, they
have a veggie offering on the menu.  It's $25 a head with meat, I think the 
veggie plate is $12 or $15?  not sure and I'm sure it's gone up since I was 
there last.

There is a fabulous vegetarian place, with an East Indian name, I can see the
store front but, cannot remember where it is.  It's been making me nuts.  I
think it's around the University's Riverside area on the West bank. I haven't
been around that area in years and years.  It's fairly convenient by foot
from the Super Computer Center, take a heavy coat, hat and warm boots.

>    Paul> A plethora of places on Washington Ave just east of the University
>    Paul> (the area is called Dinky Town). Stub & Herb's being a well known
>    Paul> watering hole in the University area.
>    Paul> Geezzz, I realizing just how long it's been.
>  I'm hoping that NetBSD types in Minneapolis might join IETF/NetBSD types
>even if you aren't coming to IETF.

I just saw the questions about food and such and being a native ... .  Regretfully, 
I'll be suffering here in rainy and overcast Cupertino, CA. *8^))