Subject: Re: Who's going to IETF?
To: None <>
From: Paul Newhouse <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/13/1999 16:56:49
Ted Lemon <> writes:

>Of course, the next question is, is there anywhere *close* to town
>where one can cross-country ski...   :')

Ahhh, like I said before it's been years since I lived there. Just south
of town on I35W is Buck Hill (by Colorado standards it's a bunny hill)
they used to have some x-country routes around the hill (it's built up
a lot in that area so I don't know what it's like anymore).

I think Como Park and/or the FairGrounds would be your best bet.  
The Fair Grounds are south of Larpenteur on Snelling (hard to miss, it's
the place on the West side of Snelling that looks like a Fair Grounds!! *8^)
Como Park is about 8 blocks east of the FairGrounds on Midway Express way
or on Como Ave (runs east & west just south of the Fair Grounds).

You might look around Lake Nakomis on Cedar Ave, a bit north of the
Airport.  There is a municipal golf course on the north side of the lake
where I used to see a lot of x-country activity.

Also Minnehaha creek runs from the falls to Nakomis, then on to Lake Harriet,
Lake Calhoun and finally Lake of the Isles (definitely "in town") (I'm just 
guessing but, it would seem an obvious route!??

If you go across the river from Mpls into St. Paul on Lake Street (it becomes 
Marshall Ave) there is a large Cemetery (on the north side just across the
bridge) that I used to see people  x'ng it around I think they set aside a 
course but, not sure.

On the North side (Hwy 61) you can get on White Bear Lake (if the ice is 
still good).  In fact you could probably do any of the lakes, if the ice 
is still good.

The Minnesota River valley is just south of the Airport (I can't even 
remember how you get down there anymore. There's a large state park where 
I'm sure x-country is ok.

This all assumes there is snow!!  Just because it's cold there means nothing.

The Mpls/St.Paul area is a great place, enjoy,

P.S. - if you want to take in some culture, try the Chanhassen Dinner Theater.
It's 45 minute drive out Hwy 5 (same highway the runs on the south side of the
airport) west of town.  Rate very highly nationally.  Definately call ahead for


On University Ave, around Fairview (I think) is a Russian Tea House (it's actually
in a house) I'm remembering it being right next to a Wendy's or a couple of doors
down.  It's on the south side of the street.  I can't remember the name of those
Russian cabbage rolls but, they had the best I can remember.