Subject: Re: Who's going to IETF?
To: None <>
From: Paul Newhouse <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/13/1999 15:56:43
Ted Lemon <> writes:

>Oh god, don't tell me Minneapolis is going to be another of those
>towns where we have to go hunting for a vegetarian steak house...   I
>still have painful memories of Dallas.

Actually Lindey's has a vegetarian option and it's mighty good as I

Take Snelling north from University to County Rd E.  Turn left (west)
go about 1/4 mile to Snelling (I know, you thought you were on Snelling *8)
It's the place on the right at the corner.

Don't know about veggie menu's at:

  - Picadilly's in Montemedi (sp?).  
  - Mufaletta's in Como Park (1/2 mile east of Como & 280) 
	 for breakfast or lunch.
  - TimberLine (sp?) which is in Loehmann's (sp?) Plaza 
     (just North of Rosedale at Snelling & Highway 36). A lot of fast
     food joint around here.

  A  plethora of places on Washington Ave just east of the University
  (the area is called Dinky Town). Stub & Herb's being a well known
  watering hole in the University area.

Geezzz, I realizing just how long it's been.