Subject: SMC Etherpower-II driver improvements
To: None <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/11/1999 22:03:13
Hi folks...

I've made some changes to the EPIC/100 driver (for the SMC Etherpower-II,
i.e. SMC9432TX), "epic".

In particular, I've fixed a potential race condition which seems to have
been causing many of the "device timeout" problems that have plagued this
driver.  I've also implemented transmit interrupt pacing, which has
reduced the interrupt load somewhat.

In my tests, I've transmitted over 1,000,000 packets with my SMC9432TX
and had only one timeout, when the driver sent the ARP reply.  I still
don't know why that one happened... but I'm pleased with the results of
the changes.

After the next SUP scan, you should have:

	$NetBSD: smc83c170.c,v 1.10 1999/02/12 05:55:27 thorpej Exp $
	$NetBSD: smc83c170var.h,v 1.3 1999/02/12 05:55:27 thorpej Exp $

I would appreciate hearing reports back from users of these cards after
running kernels with these changes.


        -- Jason R. Thorpe <>