Subject: Re: ls -q
To: C Kane <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/10/1999 17:57:02
In message <>, C Kane writes:
>But what if I don't want -q?  I do not see a way to turn off that behavior.

There certainly should be one.

>While -q may be safe to keep binary characters from echoing to the terminal,
>it seems that it shouldn't be a default behavior, especially if it can't be
>turned off, since ls can easily be aliased to "ls -q" if that's what one
>really wanted.

It should be the default, because binary characters can, among other things,
cause a terminal to send a set of characters.  How would you like it if you
did 'ls' and your terminal happily sent 'rm -rf /'?  :)

But yes, you should be able to turn it off, although admittedly I've never
wanted to.

Just 'ls | c'.  Or whatever the standard column utility is.  (I wrote my own
and have never bothered to find out if it's now superfluous.)