Subject: Re: Danger, Will Robinson!
To: Chris Jones <>
From: Bill Studenmund <skippy@macro.Stanford.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 02/09/1999 10:46:18
On 4 Feb 1999, Chris Jones wrote:

> >>>>> "mrg" == matthew green <> writes:
> mrg> i've tested this out on 1.3.3 and various -current machines, and
> mrg> i can not reproduce it.  can you do it again?
> Well, actually, I've been trying off and on for the past couple of
> days, and I haven't been able to reproduce it, either.  Somehow,
> that's just that much more frightening.
> A little more data:  The system is 1.3.3, with a -current kernel, and
> -current libkvm, libutil, and libc.  -current means about January 23.
> If anybody has any other ideas on how I could try to reproduce this,
> I'd be most appreciative.  Otherwise, I'll just pretend it never
> happened, and keep my fingers crossed...

I'm sorry, 've forgotten the opening part of this thread.

But I've recently had problems with a current kernel & 1.3.3 userland.
What was your problem?

Take care,