Subject: floppy and cd-rom access and cd-rw drive
To: None <>
From: Fusie Zhang <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/09/1999 11:37:45
is there any more convenient way of accessing the cd-rom or floppy drive than mount and umount them every time a new media is put in these drives. 
mount can only be executed by root. i have access to Linux boxes at school as a non-root user, which do not require any mount operation to access 
floppies and cd-roms. i wonder if this can be done with NetBSD? 
Another question, i recently installed a cd-rw drive -  a Sony Spressa (24x4x2). i still haven't got any cd burning software installed under NetBSD. i burnt 
some CDR's under windows95(sorry to use this dirty word here). but under NetBSD only part of the data on the CDR can be seen. i don't know why. any 
ideas? thx for any help.

Fujie Zhang
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