Subject: Re: Example for an ISA driver
To: current users NetBSD <>
From: Eric Delcamp <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/09/1999 18:32:26
Hi !

That's why it's confusing ! Lots of files refering to others functions in
another dirs/files.
I just want a simple example of a driver, where to put files/functions, etc...
Also, how to make a lkm driver ? Examples are not present in /usr/share/...
Did they work ?
It could be usefull for testing.


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De : Manuel Bouyer <>
À : Eric Delcamp <>
Cc : current users NetBSD <>
Date : mardi 9 février 1999 18:23
Objet : Re: Example for an ISA driver

>> I have planned to write a driver (without DMA) for an ISA peripheral. I
>> documentations. I have read some man 9 pages, but I want a basic driver to
>> ideas.

>Well, why not just have a look to the kernel sources, in sys/dev/isa ?
>There is plenty of drivers here. A lot of the files here are just front-end
>for bus-independant drivers ...