Subject: Re: Netatalk and localtalk conectivity?
To: Brian Buhrow <>
From: Bill Studenmund <skippy@macro.Stanford.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 02/08/1999 14:12:47
On Mon, 8 Feb 1999, Brian Buhrow wrote:

> 	Hello folks.  I know that we've had netatalk built into NetBSD for
> over 2 years now.  However, I'm wondering if anyone has made AppleTalk work
> with NetBSD, using localtalk as the medium for pushing the AppleTalk
> around.  I have an ancient LaserWriter+ printer which I'd like to talk to
> at something faster than the 9600BPS serial connection I'm currently using.
> It has a localtalk port, which I believe is 220kbps, and I have serial
> ports on my NetBSD server I could use to talk to this beast.  Anyone have
> any ideas?  (Can I pump up the serial speed as an alternative?)

Right now we don't support direct-connect localtalk. There's more to it
than just bumping the speed - LocalTalk uses HDLC framing.

We do, though, support using a LocalTalk to Ethernet bridge, and running
Netatalk on the ethernet.


Take care,