Subject: Re: aic-7895
To: Justin T. Gibbs <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/08/1999 12:24:26
In message <>, "Justin T. Gibbs" write
>The BSD/OS driver never used the Q{IN/OUT}FIFO registers.  This is why
>their driver, which doesn't bother to take advantage of other nice features
>of the aic7895 or even the aic7880, can work in this fashion.  I've had
>a few conversations with the author of the BSD/OS driver and am familiar
>with the internals of at least their original aic7xxx driver.

Ahh.  I see.

>>The 7895 is really just a 3940 on a motherboard.

>No.  It is a 3940AUW on a motherboard.  The 'A' is important.  The original
>3940UW used a DEC PCI-PCI bridge and really was two 7880 chips.

Oh.  Blah.

>Perhaps.  The 7895 has several features that are also found on the Ultra2
>chips which is probably the reason they decided to place it in the 9X 


>Why do I know this?  Check out the copyright in the aic7xxx driver. 8-)

Okay.  Never mind; I was just plain confused/wrong.

Hmm.  Is there a 7895 driver in -current?  I'd been trying 1.3.3, but if
-current will handle it, I could do that.  I've currently got my machine
running 1.3.3 using a spare SCSI controller, so I can test stuff.