Subject: Re: Who's accessing my disk?
To: Manuel Bouyer <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/08/1999 11:34:40
>> I think some linux version has done this and the man page calls it a BUG.
>I don't trust Linux man pages. They call a BUG the fact that strtok modifies
>its arguments.

i don't trust linux man pages (a) because they all have this
disclaimer at the top:

       This documentation is no longer being maintained  and  may
       be inaccurate or incomplete.  The Texinfo documentation is
       now the authoritative source.

(b) most of them (that i've read recently) only have the DESCRIPTION
and OPTIONS sections, but none of the more philosophical or actually
useful sections that usually follow (FILES, SEE ALSO, EXECUTION,
VARIABLES, etc), which means it's a bug that most linux man pages have
no BUGS section.  :)

and (c) on some systems, they're all inexplicably 6000 lines long.
most of which are blank.

(wow...i feel so much better now :).

>> I don't think the same bug should be implemented on NetBSD.. ;)
>It would be a good thing, as long as at can be disabled.

well...since we're basically using vixie cron, which already supports
neat things like teatime and @reboot, couldn't we just steal some more
syntax so that

   */10    *       *       *       *       /usr/libexec/atrun

gets you the regular atrun stuff and something like 

   */10    *       *       *       *       AT

would get you the "built in" version of atrun.  just for backwards
compatibility and such.  :)

my personal gripe about at is waiting ten minutes for a job that i
want started in one minute.

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