Subject: Re: Problems compiling current (includes)
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/05/1999 12:10:03
> I have lots of problems compiling current from 1.3 sources.
> I have made a sup, then try to do a "make build". But lots of
> includes files are missing (they are in /usr/src/* but not
> copied in /usr/include).  OK, maybe something wrong with
> sup. So I try "sup -o", but with no succes.  If I delete
> /usr/include, then do a "make beforeinstall && make includes",
> they are lots files missing (/usr/src/sys/arch/i386/includes/*
> -> /usr/i386, the link for machine -> i386 and stdarg.h).
> I think I have missed something but what? Sup fileserver is
> (Manuel?) if that matter.

I think you've probably done some things in the wrong order.  I
am currently in the midst of upgrading one of my hp300-arch
systems from 1.3.2 to -current, and from memory (I may have
missed a few things, so beware!), this is what I did:

 o Compile a new config, install
 o Configure and compile a new kernel, install, reboot
 o Compile a new make, install
 o Install the new /usr/share/mk files
 o Compile new lex and yacc, install
 o Manually install
	/usr/include/dlfcn.h (from include/dlfcn.h)
	/usr/include/nlist.h (from include/nlist.h)
	/usr/include/sys/cdefs.h (from sys/sys/cdefs.h)
 o Compile new binutils (don't install)
 o Do "make includes" in lib/bfd.
 o Compile new lib/bfd.  This will fail since you're running the
   old 'ld'.  Manually construct the shared library with `ld -x
   -Bshareable -Bforcearchive -o libbfd_pic.a'
   instead of the `--whole-archive' option which the old ld
   doesn't understand.
 o Install lib/bfd
 o Re-make binutils (causes relink), install
 o Build ld.aout_so, install (might be wise to save the old one)
 o Build ld, install (again, might be wise to save the old one)
 o Compile libedit, install
 o Compile /bin/sh, install
 o Compile the new compiler (egcs), possibly twice for good
   measure before embarking.

But then again, why do you want to subject yourself to this sort
of pain as long as you can just grab the last snapshot and go
from there?

- H=E5vard