Subject: Re: -current pkgsrc likely to work with 1.3.3?
To: Thorsten Frueauf <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/02/1999 16:04:20
In message <"studdec1.i.475:">, Thorsten Frueauf wr
>> Is there a way to make the pkgsrc makes more verbose?  I'm getting
>> asked:
>> File to patch: 
>> trying to build imlib-1.9.0, and I can't tell what to do about that.

Well, it turns out my problem was that I had libpng-1.0.2, and I had
figured that I could just try to suppress the attempts to get 1.0.1.  Oops.

Now it's working on installing that, but it's a bit irritating to have this
dependancy on an *older* version.  *sigh*.  :)