Subject: Re: Anyone trying to use new sysinst, please read.
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/02/1999 20:06:26
> #          uid 0 on /: file system full
> #          /: write failed, file system is full
> #
> #          Segmentation fault
> [...]
> To maximally help me debug sysinst problems, please do the
> following:
> Go under the Utility Menu (e), and select Logging functions (c).
> Turn logging on (a) before attempting an install.  This will
> generate a log which will let me see exactly where sysinst is
> blowing up on you, and hopefully allow me to figure it out.  The log
> file will be named "sysinst.log", and I encourage anyone who creates
> one to send it to me, regardless of sysinst working for you or not.
> (dmesg output would be appreciated as well)

Well, another alternative for the adventurous is to compile sysinst
with debugging support and run it under gdb.  This is especially
useful if the crash can be provoked before sysinst start scribbling
all over your disk ;-)

- H=E5vard