Subject: Anyone trying to use new sysinst, please read.
To: Yoav Cohen-Sivan <>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/02/1999 09:24:05
WAS: RE: Seg fault with sysinst and new (31/1) snapshot

On 02-Feb-99 Yoav Cohen-Sivan spoke unto us all:
#          uid 0 on /: file system full
#          /: write failed, file system is full
#          Segmentation fault
#  And I am dropped into a shell.
#  I have the sysinst.core file (around 40k) if anyone wants me to mail it.
#  df shows the file system as only 93% full, including the sysinst.core file.

Actually that core file should be about 2 Megs.. It's getting truncated by
the ramdisk.. don't bother with it, they are generally useless.

If you, or anyone else has problems with sysinst.. now is the time to speak
up.. so I can get it fixed for 1.4.

To maximally help me debug sysinst problems, please do the following:

Go under the Utility Menu (e), and select Logging functions (c).  Turn logging
on (a) before attempting an install.  This will generate a log which will let
me see exactly where sysinst is blowing up on you, and hopefully allow me to
figure it out.  The log file will be named "sysinst.log", and I encourage
anyone who creates one to send it to me, regardless of sysinst working for you
or not.  (dmesg output would be appreciated as well)

I am currently working on some of these problems..  Your bug reports will not
be ignored.  Even if you don't like sysinst, I would appreciate reports
on how it performed, just so we can test it as broadly as possible before its
too late.

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