Subject: re: Danger, Will Robinson!
To: Chris Jones <>
From: matthew green <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/02/1999 11:40:52
   I was just looking at my news server, and it was seriously low on swap
   for some obscure reason.  (Probably because I only have 130MB on
   wd0b.)  So I created a 500MB file (/scratch/swapfile) and added it to
   the fstab.  Then I issued a "swapctl -A".
   It said something very similar to:
   "Adding nnn bytes of swap on /dev/sd0b."

for me, this returns "Device busy", as it should...

   "Adding nnn bytes of swap on /scratch/swapfile."
   Hmm.  I expected the second line, but not the first.  So, being a
   suspicious person, I ran "pstat -sk":
   /dev/wd0b	131512	112884	18628
   /dev/(null)	512000	1088	510912
   /dev/wd0b	131512	1476	130036
   TOTAL		775025	115448	659577
   Umm.  At this point, I halted the machine and rebooted, because I
   didn't want my pages of virtual memory to stomp all over each other.
   So, does anybody know if this was truly a cause for alarm?  If so, how
   should I go about fixing it?  I don't really want to see that happen
   again, you see.  :)

i've tested this out on 1.3.3 and various -current machines, and i
can not reproduce it.  can you do it again?