Subject: NetBSD/i386 Jan 31 1999 snapshot
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/01/1999 22:14:15

I have now rolled out another snapshot of NetBSD-current.  I guess
the major improvements over the last snapshot would be (cribbed from

 o Major improvements to the scheduler, improving interactive
 o Multisession CD support
 o Am53c974 PCscsi-PCI SCSI device driver
 o portmap / ypserv now uses libwrap access control
 o nsswitch.conf(5) implemented
 o package tools enhancement (pkgdb, check)
 o VIA Rhine fast ether PCI NIC device driver (from FreeBSD)
 o hesiod support added to libc
 o i386 bootblocks & installboot -- first pass at ELF support
   (no, we have not completed the move to ELF)

The snapshot can be found in

The sources this snapshot was built from is available in

This hasn't received as much testing as I would have like to do,
but at least the build host has been running this kernel code
while the build progressed without problems.

Note that the boot-small.fs floppy image is now gone, what
remains is the multi-diskette boot set (boot1.fs and boot2.fs)
and the boot-tiny.fs for 4M machines without EISA, PCI, PCMCIA
and SCSI.

Also note that the INSTALL kernel found on the two-floppy set has
DDB included (with DDB_ONPANIC set to 0), so if you have problems
with the PCMCIA code allocating non-working interrupts when booting
(e.g. due to undtected hardware "owning" the interrupt), you can
boot into DDB with "boot -d" and patch pcic_isa_intr_alloc_mask to
your liking before continuing (admittedly not exactly elegant, but
it's better than nothing).  By default IRQ 10 is masked out, and the
corresponding mask is 0xfbff.

This time I've also included the X11 sets compiled from today's
source set.  I've verified that ``xterm'' works as it should but not
much else.

As always, please report any bugs found.


- H=E5vard