Subject: RSAREF anyone?
To: None <>
From: Paul B Dokas <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/01/1999 13:28:42
I installed a new sparc with NetBSD last week, pulled up to current and
built a bunch of packages.  And then I tried to build ssh with RSAREF
and discovered that contains bogus information
(read:  I can't get a copy of the RSAREF from

So, I just called RSA and was told that they've removed RSAREF due to
lack of support and interest.  >:-(   And furthermore, there is a new
product that contains the same functionality, but costs money.

So, what's the deal?  I'm at a University, I don't use RSAREF for any
commercial use and I don't plan on it in the future.  But I want
to stay at least vaguely legal and well behaved.  I know that I can
build ssh without the RSAREF, but what about PGP?  Any suggestions?

And we might want to nuke the rsaref20 package.  RSA just obsoleted it.

What a way to start the work week.

Paul Dokas                                  
Don Juan Matus:  "an enigma wrapped in mystery wrapped in a tortilla."