Subject: RE: Adding support for SN-5000TX network card
To: KOUCHI Takayoshi <>
From: Martin Husemann <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/01/1999 08:31:59
> The MX98713 chip has already been supported by FreeBSD and
> ported to OpenBSD.  This driver is if_mx.c.  To work the chip
> correctly, I recommend porting if_mx.c to NetBSD than modifying
> if_de.c.

I've had a quick look at both, but I'm not sure if it's easier to modify the
de driver or port this one - it doesn't use the bus_dma_map framework yet,
and I'm not into learning this right now. A port maybe straight forward for
someone familiar with it, but not for me (I dropped the source on the first
vtophys like a used tempo).

Anyway, thank's for the hint.

If someone feels like converting this driver, I'll be glad to test it ;-)