Subject: None
To: <>
From: John P. Refling <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/29/1999 18:29:52
I'm trying to install a new scsi disk, a dec dsp3210s, and
am having problems....

dmesg says: sd3: 2049mb 3045 cyl 16 hds 86 s/t 4197520 sec.

When I do the math, I get 4189920 sec.

But a site (
gives the specs for this drive as
3051 cyl, 16 hds, 86 sec, which is a different number of sectors.

Another site ( [excellent site]
gives 3045cly, 16hds, and MZ for the s/t (I assume mz=multiple
zone recording).

So, what numbers do I use, and does disklabel really get the
math wrong, or does it know something I don't?


When I used my more conservative sec count, i started getting
soft errors when copying massive amounts of data to the new

sd3(esp0.0.0): DEFERRED ERROR, key = 0x1


sd3(esp0.0.0): soft error (corrected), info = 2779720 (decimal), data =
           00 00 51 40 17 06 02 00 00 00
I assume these are bad sectors.  How do I map them out?

How can I thoughly test the drive for bad sectors before using it?


tar, dumped core in the middle of the transfer, perhaps due to
the bad sector, perhaps not.  Don't know, but I wouldn't think that
tar should dump core at all.


Thanks for any input you can give me!