Subject: Re: pkg/6901: there is no easy way how to handle bzip2ped archives
To: Simon Burge <>
From: Jaromir Dolecek <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/29/1999 11:48:54
Simon Burge wrote:
> I wrote a patch for gzip that identifies bzip2 files during decompressing.
> That way I can "tar xfpz <file>" for all the "current" unixish compression
> methods going around at the moment.  Any interest in adding them to the
> gzip we currently use?

That would be cool and I'd vote for that to happen. Ya should send
the patches to gzip maintainers so others would benefit as well, anyway.

Trouble is the sucky "back compatibility" thinkie -- the packages have
to work on systems with "old" gzip as well. It's of course possible to
make a pkg with new, modified gzip, check version used on the system and
force upgrading if the system has still "old" version.

Jaromir Dolecek <>
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