Subject: what X server for clgd7543 on -current
To: None <>
From: Michael C. Richardson <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/25/1999 23:32:24

  My new notebook is mostly setup and working... I can now run X :-)
  I installed 1.3.2 (had the CD handy) to confirm stuff. pcvt does *NOT*
work with my notebook. pccons does.

  I then put my -current kernel and ps/netstat (from my old notebook) and
found that wscons works fine. Rebuilt with wscons, which is what I wanted to
do anyway.

  a) the 1.3.2 xserver's do not understand wscons. I upgraded to the
	1.3.3 stuff. (I haven't finished)

  b) the 1.3.3 xserver says:

(--) SVGA: PCI: Cirrus Logic GD7543 rev 0, Memory @ 0xc0000000, 0xc1000000
(--) SVGA: clgd7543: LCD display only
(--) SVGA: clgd7543: 800x600 TFT-color (18-bit color) LCD detected
(--) SVGA: chipset:  clgd7543
(--) SVGA: videoram: 1024k
(--) SVGA: clocks:  25.23  28.32  41.16  36.08  31.50  39.99  45.08  49.87
(--) SVGA: clocks:  64.98  72.16  75.00  80.01
(**) SVGA: Using 8 bpp, Depth 8, Color weight: 666
(--) SVGA: Maximum allowed dot-clock: 80.100 MHz
(**) SVGA: Mode "640x480": mode clock =  31.500, clock used =  31.499
(--) SVGA: Virtual resolution set to 640x480
(--) SVGA: SpeedUp code selection modified because virtualX != 1024
(--) SVGA: clgd7543: Internal memory clock register is 0x1c (Standard RAS)
(**) SVGA: clgd7543: Approximate DRAM bandwidth for drawing: 68 of 100 MB/s
(--) checkDevMem: warning: failed to open /dev/mem and /dev/xf86
        (No such file or directory)
        linear framebuffer access unavailable
(--) SVGA: clgd7543: 741376 bytes off-screen memory available
(--) SVGA: clgd7543: Using hardware cursor
(--) SVGA: clgd7543: Using accelerator functions
(--) SVGA: clgd7543: Using BitBLT engine
(--) SVGA: Using XAA (XFree86 Acceleration Architecture) 
(--) SVGA: XAA: Solid filled rectangles
(--) SVGA: XAA: Screen-to-screen copy 
(--) SVGA: XAA: Using 5 128x128 areas for pixmap caching
(--) SVGA: XAA: Caching tiles and stipples
(--) SVGA: XAA: Horizontal and vertical lines and segments

Fatal server error:
Caught signal 11.  Server aborting

  I was able to get the 1.3.2 xserver with a 1.3.2 pccons kernel to work
via switching back and forth from monitor to LCD. It only worked in 640x480
mode. I never made it work without having a monitor plugged in though.
My screen *is* 800x600. (Compaq LTE5280)

  The 1.3.3 xserver dumps... leaving my screen blank. I turned off
the getty on ttyE5 and started xdm from a network login and now it messes up
my screen (which is an improvement over blank!)


  I meant to write the wscons equivalent of "kcon" to turn my CAPSLOCK
into CTRL. I haven't done this yet. Has anyone else? That would at least
make my system usable without X :-)

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