Subject: Re: IH8GNU
To: dustin sallings <>
From: Tracy J. Di Marco White <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/24/1999 21:34:22
}	Ugh, anyway, to add useful information to a rant, the gnucash
}package should probably either add bash (specifically, /bin/bash) as a
}dependency, or be patched to not use it.  Chances are, it doesn't require
}bash at all, but it just seemed like the proper thing to hard-code coming
}from Linux.

I had bash installed... but pkgsrc installs it in /usr/pkg/bin/bash by
default.  I told it /usr/pkg/bin/bash, it worked.  Unfortunately, I
actually have Motif installed, and gnucash requires lesstif.  It gives
me an error saying to remove Motif first, which I didn't really want to
do.  Is it possible to have lesstif & Motif coexist?

}	It seemed to build and install OK with me changing ``export
}SHELL=/bin/bash'' to ``SHELL=/bin/sh'' in  It's dumped a
}couple cores so far, but in general, it seems to actually function.

I compiled XmHTML & gnucash with Motif instead of lesstif, and so far
gnucash doesn't seem to function, just cores.  (Thus the question of
Motif & lesstif coexisting.)

Tracy J. Di Marco White
Project Vincent Systems Manager