Subject: Re: What ever happened to...
To: Scott Ellis <>
From: Herb Peyerl <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/24/1999 19:46:42
Scott Ellis <>  wrote:
 > ...anon-cvs access?  I remember there was talk awhile back about it not
 > being feasible due to somethingerothr being tainted in the tree, but I also
 > recall that someone (pk?) said that was fixed, and anon-cvs would be available
 > 'soon'.  
 > Is it 'soon' yet? ;-)

well, a couple of things are happening here.

a) Perry has been cleansing the tree apparently. We're past when
he committed to having it done so I don't know what the current
state is.  Perhaps he'll be able to tell us.

b) Matthias Scheler has volunteered to work out the configuration
issues and setup an experimental server for people to play with
before enabling it officially.  After a few false starts at 
getting him a machine to work with, I think we finally have
something that will work.

so it's almost 'soon'.