Subject: Re: wsmouse* at opms* ?
To: Hubert Feyrer <>
From: Nathan J. Williams <nathanw@MIT.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 01/24/1999 19:54:22
Hubert Feyrer <> writes:

> after the psm-driver was renamed to opms(?), I can't use /dev/wsmouse0
> with wsmouse as protocol on XFree any longer (xsrc-current NOT including
> the lates update). Trying to attach opms* to wsmouse* did not work:
> miyu% ./config MIYU
> MIYU:241: wsmouse's cannot attach to opms's
> As a temporary solution, I've adjusted my XF86Config:
>    #Protocol        "wsmouse"
>    Protocol        "BusMouse" 
>    Device          "/dev/pms0"
> But I'm not sure if this isn't a step in the wrong direction.
> Am I missing something important here, or is wsmouse at pms* really not
> supported (yet)?

	This sounds a little confused. I believe the current situation
is that you can either:

1) use pms*, wsmouse* at pms?, and tell X to use 
   /dev/wsmouse0 with protocol wsmouse (this is what I'm using, and it
2) use opms*, and tell X to use /dev/pms0 with protocol BusMouse (the
   compatibility mode for old X servers).

	I don't think opms and wsmouse are intended to work together
at all.

	- Nathan