Subject: Compact FLASH, NetBSD-current, PCMCIA
To: Current Users <>
From: Jukka Marin <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/24/1999 21:57:18

I was trying to get Compact FLASH cards working on my ThinkPad 310 again.
The system complains that the card never becomes ready.

I increased the delays in i82365.c, but this didn't help a bit.  My SanDisk
Compact FLASH manual says the maximum time for the card to become active
after a reset is 400 ms, which is much longer than the original delays in
i82365.c - but inreasing the delays to 500 ms or even more didn't help,
so I guess there's some other problem there, too.

I also printed out the value of PCIC_IF_STATUS after the delay loop in
pcic_wait_ready().  The value was 0x0c.  In i82365reg.h the bit masks
indicate that these bits are card detect signals.  I haven't found the
82365 datasheet on the net, so I don't know if these signals are
inverting or not.  I'm wondering if the PCIC_IF_STATUS_POWERACTIVE bit
should be a logic "1" at this time.. at least it's not.

I'm willing to debug this, but without the 82365 datasheet, I'm not sure
what I can do.  I have designed some hardware which uses Compact FLASH
cards directly, so basically I know how the card interface works - I
just don't know the 82365 controller found in my ThinkPad.