Subject: README: mouse device names changed
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/23/1999 17:48:19
This affects the alpha, arm32, bebox and i386 ports:

These ports are mostly using the wscons console framework
or, in the i386 case, are going to make it the preferred
console driver soon.
The wscons framework includes a unified mouse protocol
(wsmouse) and a central access to mouse data (/dev/wsmouseN).
Historical practice is that each mouse driver has an own
entry point (/dev/{lms,mms,pms}N). For compatibility, these
have to be kept for a while.

To avoid confusion in the future, I've changed the device
names (as used in the kernel config files, not the /dev/*
filenames) to match a simple scheme: The old drivers with
own device entries are named o?ms, the new wscons-compatible
drivers only ?ms -- the latter are the historical names.

This means the following changes:

-for old mouse devices (i386 only):
 lms -> olms (Logitech busmice)
 mms -> omms (Microsoft InPort mice)
 pms -> opms (PS/2 mice)
-for wsmouse devices:
 psm -> pms (PS/2 mice)
 psmi -> pmsi ("Intelli"-type wheel mice with PS/2 interface)
 lms (new, Logitech busmice, i386 only)
 mms (new, Microsoft InPort mice, i386 only)

I've changed all kernel configuration files in the
distribution for the new names.

Please update your own configuration files accordingly!

best regards