Subject: Re: Problems with serial ports
To: Vineto Trifunovski <>
From: R. C. Dowdeswell <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/22/1999 12:00:55
On 917005822 seconds since the Beginning of the UNIX epoch
Vineto Trifunovski wrote:
>I am trying to establish a serial communication link between two 
>NetBSD-i386 machines without any luck. The two machines are connected 
>to each other via a nullmodem cable connected to one of the serial
>ports on each machine. I am using minicom as communication 
>program, but the serial ports seems to be dead.
>Wen useing minicom as a normal user, minicom complains about
>"Operation not permitted". When useing minicom as root nothing
>What do I need to do to make the serial ports work ?
>NOTE! I have kompiled the kernel with KGDB enabled, so one
>of the serial ports seems to be reserved for KGDB 
>(the one returning EBUSY I suppose).

Have you tried local?  There are carrier detect issues that the
local tty option changes, and I find that generally when I want to
hook two computers together I need to use it.  If using tip, make
sure that the /etc/remote entry has a "dc" deal in it (direct
connection).  If using pppd, use the option "local", and in the
general case on could add local to the end of the appropriate line
of /etc/ttys (and kill -HUP 1).

Of course, this could be a different issue.  :)

 == Roland Dowdeswell