Subject: Re: hesiod stuff [was Re: CVS commit: src ]
To: Luke Mewburn <>
From: Geoff Adams <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/22/1999 02:33:16
Luke Mewburn writes:

> The changes I made were from an older hesiod distribution I obtained
> when I first started working on nsswitch (a couple of years ago, whilst
> working with Simon), and they were mainly a bit of KNF and fixing a
> couple of memory leaks, etc.
> I'll look at the newer distribution, because that is probably the best
> way to go (and liaise with yourself, Simon, and Charles iff necessary).

I'd be quite pleased with that.  :)

For some years, I've been using amd with Hesiod maps.  (This is quite cool,
if you haven't tried it.)  I've always maintained this as a private set of
patches to the NetBSD source.  In fact, now that there's support for
Hesiod-based passwd entries, building Hesiod map support into amd is the
last remaining private patch -- everything else I used to have to do has now
been merged into the NetBSD source!

Now that the necessary Hesiod libraries are in libc, the patches to amd to
make it work are very small.  However, I'd still rather use the newer 3.0.x
Hesiod library with amd, since the map-refreshing code seems to work better
with the newer library.  So, I still have my private patches.

As soon as you get the newer Hesiod library into libc, I'll send-pr the
changes necessary to the amd config file to link in Hesiod map support, and
I'll have no more private patches left.  I'd find that incredibly cool.

Btw, count me in the crowd still using class HS.  I've had my amd maps and
my passwd entries in Hesiod for years, and I'd like to be able to move more
gradually, so I'd really appreciate making the class configurable.

So, thanks a lot, Luke, for getting this together.  It seems very clean and
well-executed.  And it works!  (Or, it will as long as I don't compile the
latest source, with only class IN support.)  Great work!

- Geoff