Subject: Re: Question on remote boot
To: Kim Ludwig <>
From: Paul Boven <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/22/1999 08:11:57
Hi Kim,

I am having similar problems trying to netboot a Sun Sparcstation from
another Sun.
The bootfile gets tftp, the kernel gets loaded (by NFS by the way, not by
tftp) but re-mounting the exported / on the machine fails. The console
shows "NFS: RPC portmapper failure: NFS: unable to send".
So the funny thing is that the kernel can mount /, but mount_nfs called
by /etc/rc cannot.
Does anyone know why? This only started when upgrading the diskless client
to 1.3.3.

> I'm trying to remote boot a NetBSD-1.2.1 machine from one running 1.3.3 (on
> an IBM ThinkPad 760XD). The 1.2.1 box is able to tftp it's kernel but I am
> unable to rlogin into it, messages viewed on tcpdump say there is an nfs
> error. Is there some incompatibility between the two versions regarding
> nfs? If anyone could give me some advice as to what I may have overlooked
> or configured wrong it would be appreciated.

Regards, Paul.
Paul Boven, <>  PE1NUT  QRV 145.575 JO32KF