Subject: hesiod stuff [was Re: CVS commit: src ]
To: Greg Hudson <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/22/1999 13:59:39
Greg Hudson writes:
> The Athena code supports, in hesiod.conf (everything
> case-insensitive, spaces okay):
> 	classes=IN
> 	classes=HS
> 	classes=IN,HS
> 	classes=HS,IN
>	[...]
> So, we can do one of:
>	[...]
> 	* Update to the current Athena Hesiod code.  (Presumably means
> 	  KNFifying it and making any changes Luke made to the ancient
> 	  code he took.)
> I don't have a great setup for testing libc changes or I'd offer to do
> the last option (and possibly even not drop the ball).  If anyone else
> wants to, the current distribution is at
> and all the stuff you'd want to
> borrow is in hesiod.c.

The changes I made were from an older hesiod distribution I obtained
when I first started working on nsswitch (a couple of years ago, whilst
working with Simon), and they were mainly a bit of KNF and fixing a
couple of memory leaks, etc.

I'll look at the newer distribution, because that is probably the best
way to go (and liaise with yourself, Simon, and Charles iff necessary).