Subject: Re: POLL: wscons hotkeys
To: Alan Barrett <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/17/1999 12:53:34
Alan Barrett writes:
> What about binding the "trusted path" functionality to control-alt-delete
> (as opposed to control-alt-backspace).  Many DOS and Wintel users expect
> control-alt-delete to reboot or to get them a prompt from some trusted
> part of the OS. 

I would like something like this:
	control-alt-delete	- close all VC's and re-init wscons.
	control-alt-backspace 	- terminate use of this VC (logout?)
	control-alt-enter	- retrun VC to known terminal state(reset)
	control-alt-plus	- increase to next text size (80x43/50/etc)
	control-alt-minus	- decrease to next text size

The -delete once could switch to VC0, and print a "press c-a-d again to
close all VC's and start over" type of a message.  People coming from the
DOS/Windows world have c-a-d *BURNED* into their minds.  It is a question
of *when* they will give the three finger salute, not if.  It would be
nice if we could embed some kind of query into wscons, so hitting c-a-d
would give you the option of shutdown/reboot/logout/unwedge console etc.

The -backspace would be similar to X, and could be a brute force shutdown
and re-initialize of the one VC.

With -enter you would be able to reset your terminal and get out of the
"Oops I cat'd the wrong file, and switched my character set" problem without
hosing up what you were doing.

And finally I would love to see a hotkey for changing a VC to 80x50 or 
whatever.  The same sequence as X might be more "intuitive" for people.

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