Subject: POLL: wscons hotkeys
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/16/1999 13:26:06
As you've perhaps seen in the commit logs, I've introduced
a new hotkey to wscons some days ago: A "reset emulator" function
which will unwedge a VT100 terminal session which was hung by
eg. an unfinished escape sequence, and will reset the terminal
settings to startup defaults.
This key is bound to <CTL>-<ALT>-<Backspace> on PC keyboards,
which was inspired by the fact that this keystroke will do
a kind of "reset" to an X session too.

Soren S. Jorvang proposed to make this analogy even closer
by binding another function to C-A-Bcksp: one which closes
all file descriptors on this terminal, thus killing the
login session immediately. This could provide a "trusted path"
While I'm not sure whether closing fd's is enough to provide
this kind of security in all cases he is certainly right that
"brute force" is closer to X11's behaviour. (Well - it can be
switched off in X11, and I don't know what the default is.)

What would people prefer?

The other question is what an appropriate key binding for
the simple "reset emulator" function would be.
Function keys like "break" and "SysRq" might not be present
on all keyboards.

best regards