Subject: Re: some observations on the peripheral market
To: wb2oyc <>
From: Kevin Ogden <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/13/1999 16:32:00
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I hate the loss of SCSI support in the new Mac's!  Yeah, I'm selfish. I
have one helluva investment just in SCSI cables for pete's sake. :)

Personally, I'm one who's not so enthralled with USB.  The vendors love
it because its cheap, not because its better.  Wait until you hear the
cries from people once they've put EVERYTHING on USB (a one-bit wide buss)
and then nothing works anymore.  Then you'll hear the knocks; "its not 
such a good idea to put all you eggs in one basket", remember that one?
And thats what you'd be doing with USB..

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Getting rid of internal SCSI was retarded, IDE sucks.

USB isn't bad, I wouldn't put drives or SCSI interfaces on it though. For
keyboards, mice, sound, cheesy scanners, etc, USB is great. It's about
12mbit, not toooo slow. It's faster than 10BaseT. I'm surprised nobody has
written a USB IP stack. USB is much cooler than ADB also IMHO. Something I
would like to see though is a USB X-terminal. In conclusion,I think USB
will eventually be a good replacement for rs232, parallel and adb.


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