Subject: Re: NULL mounts not quite buff in -current?
To: Brian C. Grayson <>
From: Bill Studenmund <skippy@macro.Stanford.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 01/12/1999 18:00:56
On Tue, 12 Jan 1999, Brian C. Grayson wrote:

>   See also PR 5476 and 5239.  Nullfs apparently can cause panics
> with "already locked" (as you submitted), "lockmgr: locking against
> myself", and "lockmgr: pid ..., not exclusive lock holder".  So
> it appears that nullfs currently has at least one major lock bug,
> and probably more.


>   5239 has a patch that helps a lot in getting rid of "locking
> against myself", but didn't fix all the bugs.  You might want to
> try it to see if it helps decrease the frequency of the panics.

The patch from 5239 seems to be in -current. I just checked in another
patch which should help a little in mounting (we might try to VOP_UNLOCK
an uninitialized pointer).

I'm not sure what's up with the problem here.

Take care,