Subject: Re: some observations on the peripheral market
To: David A. Gatwood <>
From: Dan Dockery <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/12/1999 02:22:58
>Indeed.  The Sun4c line is at least eight years old, and the Sun-3 line is
>at least that far _beyond EOL_.  My IPX zips along not too badly considering
>it's a, what, 25MHz box?  or is it 40?  [my mips.c program seems to want
>to calculate it at about 40 MIPS, but I must be doing something wrong...]

It's a 40, just like the Sparc 2.  The IPC is the one that runs at 25.

> , and the
> * best and most universally accepted means of carrying files is still the
> * floppy disk -- probably by a million to one in terms of the total disk
> * count.  Maybe more than that.  The floppy disk is far from dead.
>Someone spoke of SuperDisks.  The SPARC controller doesn't support them,
>does it?

There's a company making external SCSI superdisk drives.  I could see no
reason that the SCSI controller in a Sparc (they're usually relatively
standard) wouldn't support it.


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