Subject: Re: /etc/rc out of order
To: Dave Sainty <>
From: Incorrigible punster -- do not incorrige <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/07/1999 15:07:27
As much as I'd LOVE to see pppd go into /sbin, there is something
prohibiting this.  It's called "pppd is a dynamically linked executable".
We _could_ link it statically, probably, but...

Dave Sainty sez:
 * writes:
 * > I'd propose: leave the mount ordering alone as long as there
 * > is no real solution. /etc/netstart needs to be divided into a
 * > "get interfaces and routes up" and a "start pppd" part.
 * > Look at FreeBSD - some shell functions to be called at different
 * > stages in the startup process are not bad. This doesn't solve
 * > the chicken-and-egg-like problems completely, but it might help
 * > in the most common cases.
 * Is there really any reason not to put pppd into /sbin?  It seems like
 * the most appropriate place, to be with slattach, ifconfig, ipf even.
 * This would solve the existing problem without changing the mount
 * order, and may even be helpful to someone trying to start up
 * networking with only root.
 * Dave

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