Subject: Re: pppd dying...
To: After 5 PM please slip brain through slot in door. <>
From: Bob Nestor <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/04/1999 20:31:11
After 5 PM please slip brain through slot in door. 
<> wrote:

>[Already sent to port-sparc, with no replies]
>[save Chris Mutter in Austria]
>I have recently rebuilt, using EGCS, my kernel.  When I reboot, pppd
>refuses to maintain a connection.  Syslog says "modem hangup".  pppd's
>debugging output does not work for diddly, for some reason, so the
>only way I could find out anything is thru ktrace/kdump.  Did so, and
>after about the third read on connection, ktrace shows me, within pppd,
>read eventually returning "Resource unavailable".
>So I recompiled pppd.  No go.
>So I recompiled libc, libutil, libcrypt and libpcap.  No go.
>As soon as I revert to the old kernel, everything is hunky dory, even
>with the new libraries in place.
>I have changed NOTHING in my config file since 1.3.
>What gives?  Is there any other information needed here?

This is exactly the same thing I'm seeing with the stock 1.3.3 
distribution for mac68k. Nothing in my scripts changed from 1.3.2 where 
they all work find, but on 1.3.3 I get the modem hangup and everything 
disappears.  Like you I've tried the debug options, fiddled with the flow 
control setups, etc and nothing changes.  The modem is left connected 
even though pppd has exited thinking the modem has disconnected.  Cycling 
power on the modem to cause it to release the phone line causes the 
kernel to panic with a faultstkadj().

Anyway, thanks for answering a question I asked on the port-mac68k list 
-- based on your report it appears the problem is also present in