Subject: pppd dying...
To: None <>
From: After 5 PM please slip brain through slot in door. <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/04/1999 10:22:50
[Already sent to port-sparc, with no replies]
[save Chris Mutter in Austria]

I have recently rebuilt, using EGCS, my kernel.  When I reboot, pppd
refuses to maintain a connection.  Syslog says "modem hangup".  pppd's
debugging output does not work for diddly, for some reason, so the
only way I could find out anything is thru ktrace/kdump.  Did so, and
after about the third read on connection, ktrace shows me, within pppd,
read eventually returning "Resource unavailable".

So I recompiled pppd.  No go.
So I recompiled libc, libutil, libcrypt and libpcap.  No go.

As soon as I revert to the old kernel, everything is hunky dory, even
with the new libraries in place.

I have changed NOTHING in my config file since 1.3.

What gives?  Is there any other information needed here?

[SPARCstation IPX, NetBSD 1.3I, pppd, libc, libutil, libcrypt and
 libpcap from 2 Jan 1999, other sources from 27 December 1998.]

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