Subject: 3c589 (pcmcia) problem
To: None <>
From: dustin sallings <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/02/1999 13:50:12
	So I'm trying to get my new laptop running, but it's got a sound
device that's hard-coded to use 0x330, and there's no way for me to work
around that that I've found, so I configured (EEPROM-wise) my 3c589 to use
0x300, but NetBSD doesn't seem to care.  Every time I boot, when it probes
the PCMCIA bus, it finds the card and assigns it 0x330 for IO.  This has
the effect of instantly freezing the machine up if I try to use it.  I can
work around this by pulling the card out and putting it back in, which
causes it to make an ep1 at 0x340 that I can use.  However, this is very

	Where would I find the code that tells this thing to use 0x330 so
that I can tell it to use something else?  I tried a couple of things that
seemed logical to me, but they didn't work.  I'm obviously not much of a
kernel hacker.  :)

	TIA.  OBTW, the new laptop is a Toshiba 440CDX.

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