Subject: kernel profiling and web site additions.
To: None <>
From: Todd Whitesel <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/26/1998 05:31:10
Indulge me for a moment -- recall this conversation of a couple weeks ago:


MD> Well, it's a good idea that [a kernel profiling web page] should be done...
MD> I'm not good in HTML authoring (not to say I'm completely ignorant),
MD> but I'd of course contribute ASCII sentences if someone sets up
MD> an HTML page.
MD> As you've seen, it's not much, but I agree that a cookbook-like
MD> list is helpful to get things done. If one actually finds it...

EF> "Erik E. Fair" <>

EF> Let's reverse that - if you contribute ASCII, I will happily convert it to
EF> HTML. I believe that I'm sufficiently conversant in the important elements
EF> of HTML that I can do a convincing job of this. I'll even copy-edit.

EF> In fact, I'll volunteer to do that for anyone who wants to make something
EF> appear in the NetBSD web pages.

KH> Ken Hornstein <>

KH> I was going to volunteer to do that as well, but it seems rather silly
KH> now :-)

KH> I'm willing to offer this service as well, but I'm sure my HTMLing skills
KH> aren't up to Erik's.  Erik, if you want to split the work, just let me
KH> know.

Okay, we have two offers to HTML-ize raw material for the NetBSD web page.
Cool. But...

Is this only open to readers of the mailing lists, or can we leverage the
web page itself?  If people send raw text to, would it
be routed to Erik & Ken ??

I think we should have a "How to Contribute to NetBSD" page visible on the
front page of the web site. I am willing to provide a bunch of (optimistic)
raw material if there are others who are willing to help me hammer it into
something that will fly.

Todd Whitesel
toddpw @