Subject: Re: FlashPath support?
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/23/1998 01:49:02
> Someone at work here has the Nikon with the zoom lens and
> 1152x900 (IIRC) CCD and it looks *awfully* nice.  Kinda pricy,
> though.

I beleive there exists Kodak cameras with the same resolution,
and from what I heard they weren't awfully expensive either.

> > Just to clarify, should I expect to be able to simply plug he
> > CF card into a pcmcia slot in my laptop and be able to access
> > the pics?
> If you're running NetBSD new enough to support hot-plug of
> PCMCIA IDE controllers, yes.  Otherwise you may have to have
> the card in when you boot.

I borrowed a CompactFlash 4M card from a friend of mine, together
with a PCMCIA "docking card" (he bought a new 32M card and it came
with a new "docking card"), and tried it with a GENERIC kernel from
Nov 21, but "no go" -- from what I remember the PCMCIA code said
that the card never became ready, and it just hung if I had the
PCMCIA card plugged in when I booted.  I've not retried with more
recent code.

- H=E5vard