Subject: where to HTML documentation?
To: None <>
From: Michael C. Richardson <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/22/1998 00:53:24
  PR bin/5405 asks to have the HTML documentation from NTP distribution.
  a) it isn't in our source tree as far as I can from reading the xntp2netbsd
  b) Assuming that I solve (a), where do I install it?

  I know that we don't distribute a web browser with the system, but there
are at least four in pkgsrc. I might suggest running "lynx -dump" on the file
and install that, but I'm not sure that is worth it. 

  I suggest that it go in /usr/share/doc/html/<program>.

  Should the html from the distribution go into /usr/src/usr.bin/xntp/html,
or into /usr/src/share/doc/html/program? I favour the former.

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