Subject: Re: Current PMAX 5000/200 SCSI oddity
To: Andreas Priebe <>
From: Thorsten Frueauf <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/21/1998 21:49:47

> So I went along and built a kernel from current as of 19.12.

FYI, I saw the same on my DECstation 5000/200 with a kernel build from
~15.12. - and less often with the 1.3H kernel which was part of one of
the 1.3.3-snapshots (this let me at least run for a day or so).

I really thought I have to blame my very old (and big) Fujitsu harddisk,
but if you see this too I get hope that its not dying...

>   asc_get_status cmdreg 11 fifo count 6 (or 7 or 3)
> or
>   rz0 Illegal request
>   rz1 Illegal request
> or
> and dumped so much core files that I changed back imediately to my
> (relatively) stable kernel from -current as of March 98.

Hmm. I have a hard time to get any use of my DECstation 3100 and 5000/200
too - seems I always choosed the unstable times to give them a try
again. Currently I have the problem with ld complaining about the _cnt
symbol on my 3100 and the  above problems with my 5000/200 :/
So I can only say "mee too" without having any advice on how to fix it.

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